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Answers & Insights was founded in 2002 by Ashley Evans, R. Ph., a hospital/retail pharmacist who had consulted with pharmaceutical companies as a pharmacy expert prior to starting Answers & Insights. She recognized the impact of combining her professional healthcare expertise and primary market research to best provide insights to drive a product's success. Today, Evans and her team of client-side executives – boast more than 150 years of cumulative healthcare/market research experience in over 100 therapeutic areas – lead standard and custom-designed research projects that provide you with information and insights you can act on to impact your bottom line.

Before we begin any project, we make sure we understand exactly what business questions you want to answer and why. With that knowledge, we choose the best research methods to get the right insight and help you accomplish your research objectives.


At Answers & Insights we have qualitative and quantitative research tools we can employ to seek answers to your business questions.

  • Qualitative: focus groups, telephone interviews, teleweb group/IDIs, bulletin boards, chat rooms, diaries, ethnographies, and mobile research.
  • Quantitative: online, telephone, face-to-face, teleweb, advanced methods-conjoint, max-diff, CH AID, discrete choice, perceptual mapping.

Our vertical integration allows complete flexibility so that if you and your team architect a very specific project plan, we can build it.

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Traditional  Methods

  • Focus Groups (mini-groups, war games, internet and telephone)
  • One-on-One Interviews (in-person/telephone)

Tele/Web (more geographically diverse respondents; minimizes cost/travel)

  • Eye Tracking / Website Analysis
  • Ethnography

Online Methods

  • Chat room and web groups
  • Video groups
  • IDIs
  • Online diary panels
  • Mobile research


  • Phone and IVR
  • Internet
  • Mail and fax
  • Mall intercept or in-store
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Analysis and Reporting

Our Analytics department interprets the data and turns it into actionable information to help you make brand/business decisions. We'll work with you closely to produce a report that is concise, insightful, actionable and geared toward your internal audience.