The A&I Advantage

Some firms have experience in developing research questions or methodology. Others have expertise in recruiting respondents or actual implementation of research projects. At Answers & Insights, we specialize in all that—and much more. The expertise for every critical element of a research project resides in-house or within our network to give you a clear advantage: The A&I Advantage.

Vertical Integration

At Answers & Insights, everything necessary to the planning and execution of a research project resides in-house:

  • Identifying objectives and research design
  • Integrated project management with experienced executive level staff
  • Programming and hosting survey instruments (online, telephone, mobile, bulletin board, etc)
  • Recruiting across a broad range of healthcare constituents, including difficult-to-identify ancillary hospital employees, patients with specific therapeutic conditions, and sub-specialized medical professionals
  • State-of-the-art group facility (and partner facilities throughout the world)
  • Seasoned analytical staff and report writing
  • Actionable presentation

The A&I Advantage: The vertical integration allows us to execute your projects with  speed, flexibility and quality assurance through all facets of your project

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Proprietary Database

Answers & Insights developed of 500,000+ healthcare stakeholders, including:

  • Physicians (500,000 and the ability to match to your targeted list)
  • Patients (4 million+ with the ability to recruit even the rarest of conditions)
  • Pharmacies/pharmacists (65,000+ pharmacists with the ability to reach chain, food, mass, independent, specialty, compounding, long-term care)
  • Hospitals including 5,200 non-Federal US hospitals with over 65 unique deparments pre-identified including the exceutive suite

The A&I Advantage: We do our own recruiting so we are not limited to the types of research we can do with your respondents, unlike others who might be limited to only online research

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Your project will be handled by a seasoned executive to ensure your project gets the attention it needs—at every point, from initial scoping to analysis and final reporting. Our researchers and RIVA-trained moderators have familiarity and experience in more than 100 different therapeutic categories.

The A&I Advantage: Senior management with experience in over 100 therapeutic categories

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Global Reach
Global Reach

We employ local experts abroad so you have professionals on your project team that understand the diverse healthcare systems in different countries. These experts can deliver a distinct analysis by country and in aggregate across geographies. Additionally, our team of Spanish-speaking moderators has experience in qualitative and quantitative market research projects within the healthcare realm.

The A&I Advantage: Local experts ensure a better understanding in global markets

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