Areas of Expertise

Answers & Insights specializes in key areas within healthcare.

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We have research experience in more than 100 different therapeutic categories. Within these categories, we're familiar with key brands, drug classes, research and market trends, key influencers of treatment courses, pipeline research and more. We make it a point to know your therapeutic class as well as you do.




TruXchange is an innovative research tool that allows you to hear directly how information is exchanged between a physician and patient during an exam or consultation.

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Product Sales Messaging

From development of your sales message to managing ones from the competition, Answers & Insights can help you gather research to craft and deliver messages that resonate with your customers.

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  • Development: Identify existing needs in the marketplace
  • Design: Match client goals and expectations to viewers/readers
  • Content: Discover what interests and intrigues targets to action
  • Creative: Pinpoint what provides stopping power/feeling and emotion
  • Motivation: Identify what engages/motivates viewers/readers
  • Tracking: Monitor trends in the marketplace
  • Usage: Measure the success of the message
  • Competitive Message Assessment / WARGAMES: Assess competitor messages and analyze what can be done to thwart those messages

Message Recall / Sales Force Effectivenes

When you want to know how your messages are landing in the marketplace, or how your sales reps are performing against the competition, we are equipped to give you insight fast. Within 48 hours after a sales detail, our in-house team of professional telephone interviewers can survey your called-on physicians, using a custom questionnaire designed to probe for detailed message content.

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Product In-Licensing

When you need to make a business decision quickly, we can provide insights to help you make successful in-licensing decisions. Upon project initiation, we can design a method, execute and deliver results in less than seven days!

New Product Pre-Launch Support

We have a number of different tools we can use to help support a successful product launch.

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  • Market Opportunity Assessments
  • Product Concept Testing
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Product Positioning
  • Live Patient Trials (devices)
  • Package Design
  • Ideation for Go/No Go Decisions
  • Communication Strategic Planning
  • Message Testing
  • Advertising
  • Detail Testing
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Client/Patient Profiling
  • Product Uptake and Displacement
  • Formulary Access

Launch Support

  • War Games
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Pharmacy Switching Behavior
  • Commerce Site Evaluations
  • In-store Shopper Evaluations

Generic Transition Support

We also have the research experience to help you optimize sales throughout your product's lifecycle—even when your branded product expires and must compete in the generic marketplace.

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  • Product Adoption/Switching
  • Product ATU
  • Ad Tracking and ROI
  • Detailed Sales Message Tracking
  • Stocking/Movement
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Lost Customer Analysis
  • OTC and Awareness Strategies
  • Managed Care

Other Traditional Research Services

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  • Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff): Isolates a specific product attribute to understand market preference and order of magnitude of influence
  • Conjoint Analysis: Determines the value placed on various product features
  • Positioning Study: Assesses the marketplace to provide a relative competitive comparison of your product
  • Brand Equity: Evaluates the strength of your brand in terms of name recognition, perception of quality, brand values and price premium
  • Concept Testing: Evaluates consumer response to a product idea prior to the introduction of a product to the market
  • T.U.R.F. Analysis (Total Unduplicated Research Frequency): Identifies best strategy to attract the largest number of consumers
  • Attitudinal, Awareness and Usage Study: Quantifies customer knowledge, perceptions, intentions and behaviors in relationship to your company or product
  • Structural Equation Modeling: Tests and estimates causal relationships between variables