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Case Studies

Case Study: Customer Portrait

With a product under development for osteoporosis, a leading pharmaceutical company wanted to better understanding of market it would be entering. Specifically, the pharma company wanted to understand the patient segments for osteoporosis market and what both diagnosed and undiagnosed customers understand about osteoporosis, what they are discussing with their physicians and any concerns they have about medication treatment and long-term consequences of living with the disease.

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Case Study: Managed Care

With a promising drug for autoimmune hepatitis C (AIH) under development, a large pharmaceutical company wanted to better understand the market space, mainly as it pertained to managed care. Current drugs for AIH were generally used to delay a liver transplant. The potential new drug was showing evidence that it may eliminate the need for a transplant altogether—making it a new option for patients. As a result, the pharma company wanted to understand what managed care organizations may expect – and accept – as the cost of a new, branded product, particularly in a marketplace dominated by generics.

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Case Study: Message Recall

In today's pharmaceutical market, the sales force has become the largest spend on sales and marketing budgets. At the same time, physician access has decreased so sales reps have less time to deliver a product's value proposition.

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Case Study: Opportunity Assessment

A large pharmaceutical company was approached to license a drug being developed to treat diabetic nephropathy. The company had less than two weeks to assess the business opportunity and determine if it was a venture in which they wanted to invest. To make that decision, the company wanted to know more about the marketplace for drugs in this therapeutic category and, specifically, if there were unmet needs that this new drug would address.

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