TruXchange puts you in the exam room of doctors you choose so you can hear the conversations they have with patients you select.  Learn exactly what is said so you can improve your brand today.

Listen and learn how

  • We custom recruit physicans for your project
  • Patients are screened in the physican's lobby to your specifications
  • Recordings delivered to you within 24 hours after the exam
  • We can follow up with physicians and patients after the exam for additional findings
  • All recordings are prospective - we never use old recordings for your project
  • You have full access to your recordings forever

Recent Exam Conversation Requests:

  • RA patients where they were being introduced to their first biologic agent, or being switched to from one biologic to another
  • Adult vaccine patients who were having conversations about and ultimately receiving vaccinations
  • Patients who were failing their first-line or second-line SSRI/SNRI antidepressant due to lack of efficacy
  • Patients who were having a flare-up with ulcerative proctitis
  • Women who were considering long acting birth control options
  • Patients suffering with insomnia - four different patient segments
  • Infants/Children who are having breakthrough seizures
  • HIV patients who are naive or treatment experienced who are changing their medication
  • Diabetes patients who were having conversations about adding Insulin to their regimen